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Airline travel in 1950s postwar America still carries a certain mystique and allure. Brands associated with this time period have cemented themselves into American history as iconic timestamps of days past. This classic imagery ultimately informed the design of a contemporary display typeface, which pulled its primary visual direction from the most infamous brand of the time: Pan American World Airways.


visual construction:

By referencing Pan Am’s original logo/type design, the visual direction behind this typeface was formulated. Each letterform was constructed using a mixture of different weights and line widths. This became the first rule behind the design of the type.

Additionally, the shape of each letter is not only physically heavy, but quite wide. This also became a rule which dictated the end design.

To increase the contemporary feel of the typeface, the serif in the original logo was eliminated and subsequently replaced by a sleek Sans-Serif design.


The final versions of each letterform were meticulously crafted and ultimately rolled out to showcase the readability, versatility and effectiveness of the typeface.


Raised Lettering Application


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