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Berlin, Germany: a city of extreme contrast and unapologetic self expression. These historically pervasive themes have informed the direction of the city’s unique culture and have driven Berlin to an elite status of global influence. When tasked with developing a brand identity for a new conference center in Germany’s capital, showcasing the radical individuality and intense contrast of the city became the central theme.



It is said that in Berlin, the less “normal” you are, the more you will fit in. Therefore, the visual language needed to communicate a strong theme of individuality and unique expression. Additionally, Berlin remains a city of abounding contrast. Notable sophistication of the day clashes against the anarchic chaos of the night. Elegance/grunge; moderation/gluttony; wealth/poverty; East/West. This brand would ultimately aim to highlight the duality of Berlin as a city.


visual construction:

Demonstration of these ideas in a compelling, interesting manner became central to the visual direction of the brand.

Ultimately, a full custom typeface was designed specifically for the brand, with meticulous consideration made towards the composition of each letterform. Each was strategically designed with soft, rounded outer edges juxtaposed against sharp, angular interior corners. This direction showcases the contrast of Berlin through the subtle duality of design within the typeface.


Once completed, the theme of individuality and unique expression could be explored. The uppercase characters of the typeface were optically inverted and the underlying angular geometries contained within each letterform became the basis for showcasing the unique expressions of Berlin’s people. Just as each person is entirely unique, such are the geometric designs that this system generates. The visual direction of each piece of collateral is informed directly by the unique word associated with that object.


The name Nu was selected for the brand, which in German, roughly translates to “moment.” Additionally, when written in the custom typeface, it can be viewed upside down or right side up, and still read identically, emphasizing the duality that exists within the brand.


Business Card for CEO Benjamin “Benny” Grocott


Shopping Bag




Media Pass


Coffee Cups


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