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The paired relationship between food and wine dates back to antiquity. Behind this relationship stand master practitioners of each craft, whose successes are driven through an obsession with precision and order. When presented with the idea of wine marketed specifically to chefs, this commonality between each art form laid the cornerstone theme for the visual identity of the brand.



Chefs of the highest caliber attribute their obsessive focus on precision and organization to the concept of “Mise en Place.” This is a French culinary philosophy which roughly translates to “putting in place” or “everything in its place.” It is most observable prior to a dinner service, when chefs isolate ingredients into separate bowls to facilitate an organized and precise approach to preparing dishes.


mise en place philosophy demonstrated with a careful segregation of ingredients into separate bowls


visual construction:

In the construction of the brand’s visual identity, a custom lettermark was built using a 2x2 grid system of concentric circles, representative of the containers used to separate ingredients in the Mise en Place style of cooking. This symbol, upon duplication and strategic reduction, was then used as the skeleton upon which each letterform was created. 


A black and white color palette was strategically selected to reinforce a sense of luxury, quality and precise minimalism. The final design was subsequently rolled out across numerous pieces of consumer facing collateral.


Wine Box

mise_black_box copy.png
mise_black_box copy 3.png
mise_black_box copy.png

Wine Bottle

Black bottle mockup portrait.jpg

Wine Tasting Menu


Chefs Tasting Menu


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