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Solitude in nature is a true irony: by pushing away the rest of humanity, one begins to discover a higher level of personal humanity. The experience is one of pure discovery and intense physical sensation. When tasked with designing a brochure for a “back to nature” conference in Austin, TX, the experience of solitude in nature became the theme which informed the final design.


The intense experience of solitude in nature took center stage as the overarching theme for the brochure. This was ultimately accomplished by using the five senses as mechanisms to challenge the reader of the brochure to consider the feelings associated with this unique experience.

visual construction:

The brochure was designed to be highly tactile and focused on physical interaction. Each panel was assigned an event, as well as a sense, so that as the reader continuously opens the document, additional questions are posed regarding the unique experience of being alone in nature. Finally, various photographs of nature were recolored into a fitting earth tone color palette and used as the brochure’s background.


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