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Building a compelling brand image has become a requirement for companies who push the bounds of technological innovation. This becomes increasingly evident when selling into highly competitive, oversaturated markets. When presented with an idea for a drone food delivery company, this challenge took center stage. How could this flagship brand position itself in a compelling manner to capture marketshare and develop product buy in?



Broad acceptance of revolutionary technologies only takes its course when consumers choose to critically question the established ideas of days past. As such, the brand adopted the idea of “challenging perceptions” as its central mantra. This theme was ultimately explored through a retrospective examination of Japanese design aesthetics regarding perspective. The concept of “Ma” was utilized as the centerpiece representation of the brand’s goal to challenge how consumers think about food delivery services.


“Pots are formed from clay, though the space inside them is the essence of the pot”

- Lao Tse on “Ma”

Ma is a Japanese word which translates into English as “space” or “gap.” In visual design, it is the negative space which punctuates the areas between points of observation. Ma is everywhere and unless observed critically, completely invisible. It is the space between the walls of one’s home, the pause between sentences in a conversation, the white space between elements in a painting.

Using this concept, the brand aimed to engage consumers on a journey of their own perceptions and demonstrate that when looked at critically, things are often not what they seem.


visual construction:

The logo became the blank canvas by which the theme of adjusted perspectives would take form. When observed critically, the final design reveals multiple layers of hidden imagery and meaning.


Through strategic deconstruction of the Kanji (Japanese) character for “Ma,” the symbol was abstracted into the final version of the logo.


Additionally, the mark was carefully designed to contain an optical illusion, forcing observers into an immediate change of visual perspective.


Lastly, the name Frame was selected to allude to the idea of a frame of reference. When read backwards (or from a different perspective) the word Ma is revealed.

The final design was coupled with the tagline “challenge your perception,” adding a layer of intrigue and mystery to the brand. These visual assets were subsequently rolled out across multiple forms of consumer facing collateral.




Business Cards


Delivery Drone


Delivery Box (Closed)


Delivery Box (Open)


Food Box


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