Jason Wright

Yo Holmes Smell Ya Later

36x24 Oil On Canvas The fresh Prince Meets Sherlock Holmes

$1200 Free Shipping

Finn The Butcher

24x36 Oil On canvas. A mashup up Adventure Time and Gangs Of New York.

$600 Free Shipping

Ghost B.C. Cathedral Painted in various media on Professional PVC sign Substrate. Lovingly painted carefully over the period of a week. This came right after my discovery of the band. I fell right in love with them, and had to celebrate with a painting.

$500 + $15 Shipping


Done in the style of my well known old school body art girls. With Boba Fett, Slave 1, and Han Solo encased in carbonite.  Painted on Oak, and cut out with a black border. The painting will come off of you wall for a cool effect.

$250 + $15 Shipping


 A Dream Of Foxes 23 x 13 Painted in various media on oak, cutout, and setup to float off of the wall a bit for a unique effect. Always remember the fox as he releases the souls of him victims to the distant stars, far away from the one who took them.

$550 + $15 Shipping

Minecraft meets The Shining 11x14 on pro PVC sign board.

$300 + $15 Shipping

A mini 5 x 7 inch cutout for hanging in snall spaces. Flowing hair with a strange flower and a warm sun in the background over a streaky sky.

$50 + $5 Shipping

Dual Layer Oak Cutout. 11 x 11

$150 + $15 Shipping

Desert Woman 11x11 Three layers of cutout oak painted in various mediums.

$150 + $15 Shipping

December Nude Study One 7x19 paint and ink on oak $50

December Nude Study Two 7x19 paint and ink on oak $50

December Nude StudyThree 7x19 paint and ink on oak $50