The Art Of Jason Wright-logo.png

Jason Wright is a visual artist from the swamplands of Florida. His focus is on detailed paintings, which he enjoys making time lapse films of , and composing music for.

Some of his work attempts reach into the hearts and minds of his viewers and pull out wonderful recollections of nostalgic memories.

Some are of colorful women with long flowing hair, bodies decorated in paintings of his own created creatures, cinema of times past, symbols of ancient cultures from all over the globe, and many other things to be seen in the future.

His mind is also continually full of bizarre parodies and fused images of all things entertainment, and they spring from his mind in the form of hilarious, and sometimes flat out strange paintings.

Occasionally, he will break out his wood working tools and make strange wooden 3D paintings that have all sorts of fascinating elements, such as wide open mouths with tongues sticking out for the use of a shelf, giant wood paintings with hanging marionettes floating over them with a small shelves on the bottom for holding your house keys or something of the like, and beautiful multi-layered paintings with the subject floating over a dreamy background that, in itself, is hovering off of the wall.

He strives to not just be prolific, but to always tickle the eyes of his collectors, and give them something worth remembering.

His collector base is international, and growing, and he continues to make all sorts of work in various forms, full time and dedicated, from his large home studio.