16x20 painting on canvas (normally 4-500 dollars) for $200. But you dont have to pay all of that up front. Just half right now. The cutoff is Nov 26.

Lets try to keep it to two subjects max. But, I'm open to discussion on that. I want to get your art to you on time. I love you!

The perfect opportunity to give a unique gift!

My collectors have been doing this for years. It's one of the best ways, in my opinion, to show you really put some thought, and heart, into your gift.


Just pay the down payment of 100 dollars, giving me the idea for the painting.

I will get it done, and then send you the proper links for completing the final 100 dollar payment. Then I will ship it to your door!

If you want, add your mobile number and i will send you picture updates of the paintings progress right to your phone!

Make a down payment