Kate And Gizmo

24 x 24 acrylic on Oak


Bowie Back-lit Shrine

Made of wood, with various types of paints, with a translucent circular window, with an amber light behind it.

Total Height: 15 inches


Robotech Girl

Acrylic and ink on 18 x 24 canvas


Year Of Bowie Week 3

Acrylic on Sign Board in a hand made frame, textured with France made paint, and modeling paste.

Full size, frame and all: 18 x 20 " Heavy and ready to frame!



Acrylic on wood

10 x 7"



Acrylic on wood

10 x 7"


Year Of Bowie Week 2

Acrylic on wood

7 x 10"


Year Of Bowie Week 1

Acrylic on wood

9 x 24"



Mariette Art Shrine

36 x 12 x 5 inches

Acrylics on woodwork. two lights installed inside. one the top and bottom, one white, one orange, to case two starburst patterns on the wall. The lights are standard sized and can be changed with any desired light! The mushroom pattern is translucent, coated with special paint the show the light through and reveal the intricate patterns in the green paint.

$1000.00 Free Shipping, in the US

Cowboy Peewee 9x24 acrylic on wood.

Ready to hang!

Priced affordable to awesome up that wall you have in mind! Free shipping too. What!? YES!

Only..Wait for it..



Three Eyed Crow (Game Of Thrones)

Acrylic On Canvas.

Painting Size:  5 x 7 Inches

Size, Frame and all: 9 x 11 Inches

$150 Free Shipping



Penny Dreadful: John Clare Acrylic On  11 x 11  Wood 

$200 Free Shipping

Based in the Showtime's Series, Penny Dreadful, one of the best series I have seen in a good long while. I highly recommend it. 

G G Allin And The Squatty Potty Unicorn 


$300 free shipping



Bear Girl 8x10 Acrylic On Canvas 


$150 free shipping

Zelda Girl 8x10 acrylic on canvas 

$150 Free Shipping

Galaga Girl 11x14 acrylic on canvas 

$300 free shipping

Metroid Girl 8x10 acrylic on canvas 

$150 free shipping

India Girl Tall 

Size 7x14 on canvas
Medium: Acrylic 

I have always been quite inspired by the colorful architecture and various gods of India. You can see it smuggled into a lot of my work, but in the case of this one, there's nothing to be smuggled in, its right here. Though I don't particularly believe in any deity anymore, I think there are many things to be learned from many cultures. Especially in the sense of going deeper into ones mind, and meditation. 



$100 Free Shipping

india girl 2 

Size 8x10 on canvas
Medium: Acrylic 

$60 free shipping


Giant Painting With Hand Made Frame 

Lesbian fever dream 

Size. Frame and all:
 2 x 4.5 feet acrylics on sign board. The frame is also made and painted by me.

I think a lot of artists from a lot of places and cultures, experience some sort of fear and backlash from art with anything sexual, or anything with nudity in it. In this work, I wanted to let that out a little bit. I wanted to be free with what I wanted to paint. But that being said, I did it tastefully and respectful by my own choice. I thought of a sexually repressed lesbian woman, stricken with a bad fever, and in this long dream as her body was healing she got to explore her thoughts and desires that she felt those around her found to be taboo. She is standing proudly on front of her unbound imaginations, free from the eyes of judgmental people. 



I wont be making large works like this any more because it is not profitable for me. Might as well give her a home 

Pee Wee Herman Original On Wood



The Alamo Eye Roll

BELOW are originals and personally signed prints

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